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Move To This (1990)Edit

Cathy Dennis - Move To This
Move To This
  1. Just Another Dream
  2. Touch Me (All Night Long)
  3. Cmon And Get My Love
  4. Too Many Walls
  5. Tell Me
  6. Everybody Move
  7. Move To This
  8. My Beating Heart
  9. Got To Get Your Love
  10. Taste My Love

Into The Skyline (1992)Edit

Cathy Dennis - Into The Skyline
Into The Skyline
  1. You Lied To Me
  2. Why
  3. Falling
  4. Moments Of Love
  5. Being With You
  6. For Your Love
  7. Irresistible
  8. We've Got To Fight
  9. Change Will Come
  10. Our True Emotions
  11. Everybody Get Up
  12. You Lied To Me (Sprayed With Shep's Attitude Mix)

Am I The Kinda Girl? (1996)Edit

Cathy Dennis - Am I The Kinda Girl?
Am I The Kinda Girl?
  1. West End Pad
  2. Fickle
  3. When Dreams Turn To Dust
  4. Stupid Fool
  5. Am I The Kinda Girl
  6. Homing The Rocket
  7. That Is Why You Love Me
  8. Waterloo Sunset
  9. Don't Take My Heaven
  10. The Date
  11. Crazy Ones

Japan Bonus Tracks

  1. Run Like A River Is
  2. I Just Love You

The Irresistible (2000)Edit

Cathy Dennis - The Irrisistable
The Irresistible
  1. Touch Me (All Night Long)
  2. My Beating Heart
  3. Just Another Dream
  4. Too Many Walls
  5. Everybody Move
  6. You Lied To Me
  7. Irresistible
  8. Being With You
  9. Falling
  10. Change Will Come
  11. West End Pad
  12. Am I The Kinda Girl
  13. When Dreams Turn To Dust
  14. The Date
  15. Fickle
  16. That Is Why You Love Me
  17. Waterloo Sunset
  18. Tell Me

Songs From SoundtracksEdit



Other SongsEdit

  1. It's My Style
  2. Love Is
  3. Nothing Moves Me
  4. One Life
  5. Sunny Afternoon