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Take Me Out

This song is by Cathy Burton.

There's nothing left that springs to mind any more
There's nothing left to make a connection
There's nothing left that I can seem to say any more
That doesn't need your chosen correction

And in my mind I'm feeling the right way
In my heart I'm heavy and broken
So many things I need to say
Yet so many things remain unspoken

Take me out, take me out of here
Take me out, take me out of here

Consequences they don't show their humour here
And certainly irony is not an intention
But the choices that you make could cost you dear
If the bottom line is not worth a mention

'Cause I can't scream and I can't shout
Tell me what's this all about
I feel trapped in, I can't get out
So come one let me let me out

Take me out, take me out of here
Take me out...

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