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Union News

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Dark Dream Midnight (2004).

Wouldn't have been so bad if she had known
It would be the last day before you traveled home
She found out Tuesday while reading the union news
A few weeks too late to say goodbye to you
Maybe this world is just spinning too fast
Can't see around the corner can't hold on to the past
Painting of Jesus and the girl down the hall
And all the other faces that hang onto your wall
Fly away...
Now Wednesday morning I got you on my mind
This will be the first year I haven't spent January crying.
Well, the world's turned white and the wind is screaming.
Got to go to work, got to find some meaning...

Time to sit alone and think of you
Quiet conversation, simple tribute
To small town hotels with nothing much to do
Except just sit around and talk with you

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