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That Line Between Us

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Dark Dream Midnight (2004).

Guess I shouldn't have told you all those things that I said
Didn't make sense at the time to keep it hid
Now as I'm heading out of town
Feel like I couldn't walk back or turn around
There is only one thing that I would regret
If I were to wake up tomorrow and find myself dead
That I didn't hold out my hand
I didn't give away all the love that I had
I don't want to cross that line between us
Don't want to ruin what little we had
But if I can't talk to you about it
What is it that we really had
Time wasted worrying about it
Seems like a daydream I can not wake up from
Though a part of me may doubt it
Think I can love you without asking for some
Of all those colours I have shown you
All the truest I have held within
With all those women who surround you
I can see the trouble that you're in

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