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February Song

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Dark Dream Midnight (2004).

I think it's fair that you share your day
With the hope that spring will come early
Come early and winter will fade
Usher in the sun and the rain
Guess I can't say that I still miss you
When the feelings are so far and so few
And the ground where you stood, the ground where you were
Has all but grown over
So don't ask me why
It's taken me this long to cry
'Cause I don't know, I don't know why...
The one thing I wanted was for you to know
That you could stop fighting with your shadow
It followed you around and you were afraid
To see that the darkness was yours to embrace
Whether your god was a friend or not
And whether you found him or you were still lost
I think your heart was just like the moon
It only came out when I couldn't see you.

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