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Dreams Dissolve

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Church Bell Blues (2006).

This is where the dreams dissolve, this is where illusions shatter
It's been a long year of trying to stay afloat
And oh the constant struggle, my mind fights for reason
My heart fights for hope.
Have I spent any of this time alone
Cause that's what this was for
No I've been hopping in and out of bed
With friends and lovers
I was never one of those who could not be alone
But now something has changed
Love never finds you when you want it to
It waits till you've stopped waiting
Will I have to spend this life alone?
Where is my companion?
So far I have been very blessed
Am I too demanding?
Open up the windows wide, let the cold air come in
Let the snow come too
Give me something unfamiliar give me seething I can use
Let me find something new
All these things I can't figure out alone
Don't matter with someone
Maybe I could learn to let it all go
And just have some fun.

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