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Don't Need No One

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Dark Dream Midnight (2004).

He doesn't love me anyway
And I am thankful for that
All these things I've placed around me
Could not hold me back
But How I long for him to hold me
As I lay sleeping by his side
All he ever really gave me
Were my dreams at night
Please tell me you don't want me
I will thank you for that
All these restraints I've placed around me
Could not hold me back
And all those things I never told you
Way back when I could have
All those dreams I had about you
They keep coming back
I don't want see you at night
I don't want hear your voice
I don't want see you at all
I don't want to have a choice
I'm just gonna hide here alone
I'm just gonna talk to myself
'Cause I don't need no one.
I have felt true love
It don't creep around like this
Doesn't depend on complex things
Doesn't even need a kiss
But my body is longing
And my mind feels alone
Loneliness can be confusing
But I don't need no one

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