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Church Bell Blues

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Church Bell Blues (2006).

We've got many things to decide
And it's keeping me up at night
I don't want no taking sides
There ain't or wrong or right
How will we compromise
How will we make things right
Plant a seed and watch it grow
Right now nobody knows
We'll keep our secrets close
Just until we get home
We've been working nice and slow
Out here on the road
Soon we'll hear those church bells ring
We'll ask all our friends to sing
The wine will be pouring
When we exchange those rings
Into a brad new world
We will be entering
Calls are coming in for me
Y'know it's awfully nice to see
How will we manage as three
When there ain't no money
I'm sure we'll work things out
This ain't no time to doubt

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