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Brave Love

This song is by Catherine MacLellan and appears on the album Church Bell Blues (2006).

We've all had bad love
Some of us have been blessed
With the kind of love that nurtures and cares
The kind of love that does away with the rest.
So how can I tell you
The good things will come
When I have had so much
And you seem to have had none
But the good things will come
It's so easy to wall ourselves in
Behind coldness and fear
Don't want to tear those wounds open again
But you can not stay here
With all these people but who do you love
And who loves you
Can you give your self to anyone
Can you dare to, can you dare to?
I want to shake the trees and send down the rain
I want to love you
Show you this world alive again
I want to love you, I want to love you.

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