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My Last Words

This song is by Catharsis and appears on the album Bitter Disdain (1995).

Lost in my trifling questions
My problems didn't concern You
They were so insignificant
In the face of your alien feelings
There was only money cult
My feelings where a cradle of strange thoughts
You used to maintain so
Beig different I was worse
I'll not disturb anybody any more
But I'm afraid when I feel approaching death

Dear mother, dear father
These are my last words
My God forgive me, I'm still your child
Forget my sins and save my soul

I could live and do so many things
But what for?
I have nobody
My life's flying away
Tears of bitterness mixing with blood
My deed is not weakness
Perhaps You'll understand it some day
I'm sorry!
I'm leaving this world
Because there was no place for me

Dear mother...

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