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Western Swing
Western swing music is a subgenre of American Country music that originated in the late 1920s in the West and South among the region's Western string bands. It is dance music, often with an up-tempo beat, which attracted huge crowds to dance halls and clubs in Texas, Oklahoma and California during the 1930s and 1940s.
  • The movement was an outgrowth of jazz, an amalgamation of rural, cowboy, polka, folk, Dixieland jazz and Blues blended with Swing; and played by a hot string band often augmented with drums, saxophones, pianos and, notably, the steel guitar. The electrically amplified stringed instruments, especially the steel guitar, give the music a distinctive sound. Later incarnations have also included overtones of Bebop.
Stylistic origins:
Western, Blues, Folk, Swing, Dixieland, Jazz, String Band
Rockabilly, Rock 'N' Roll
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