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Garage Punk
Garage punk is the music of bands influenced by garage rock and modern punk rock. Most bands of this genre see themselves as continuing the tradition of '60s garage, but do not necessarily attempt to replicate the exact sound and look of that era, the way garage rock revival bands do, because they usually incorporate later influences. Garage punk is characterized by a dirty, choppy guitar sound— lyrics sometimes dealing with bad taste and rebelliousness, usually played by bands who are on independent record labels, or who are unsigned. Garage punk bands often distance themselves from hardcore punk bands and usually do not adhere to the kinds of strict subcultural codes and ideologies that are often associated with other forms of punk. The term is also sometimes used to refer to '60s garage bands, as well as to revivalist bands who have emulated them. Gypsy punk bands usually combine rock beats and instrumentation with more traditional Gypsy instrumentation such as drums, tambourine, accordion, fiddle, trumpet and saxophone. In addition, due to the varied ethnic makeup of the Gypsy culture, many bands sing in several different languages, often switching language many times within a single song.
Stylistic origins:
Early 1980s in United States;
Garage Rock - Punk Rock - Protopunk - Glam Punk
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