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Close My Window

This song is by Catchpole.

I keep hearin' my name but I turn away
Cause I know it comes from you
And everyday that I try to blank
It's the one think I can't proove
You know that I love you more
Than every fish in the sea
So send some bright stars
And shine them down
Down on me lord

You know that I, you know that I
I need you more
You know that we have something
When you get down to the core
But I just can't keep waking up
Wondering if I'm good enough
I think I'll close my window tonight

Everyone says go with your heart
Never with your mind
But every time I choose my heart
The one thing that I find
Is an ocean full of pain
Always loss and never gain
How do I put up with this sadness?
I can't take much more, no.


You know that I love you more
Then every fish in the sea
Send some bright stars and shine them down
Down on me lord


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