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The Second War Begins

This song is by Catchlove and appears on the album Where Do We Go From Here (2007).

I woke up this morning
Everything seemed just fine
I headed off to work
Got there a quarter past nine

The Ministry seemed empty
So I began to look around
No one was at their desk
The Dark Mark painted on the ground

I raced home as fast I could
Apparation leaves no trail
As I ran through the front door
You screamed: "The world has gone to hell."

Oh my God, here we are
We always knew it would come to this
Oh my God, here we are
I hope you've got your wand ready
Tonight we may never see the dawn

Oh my God, here we are
We always knew we would see this day
Oh my God, now get your stuff
We've got to get out of this place

I think I see one over there
See the cloak that's on his head
Make sure your hexes don't miss

I think that's our neighbor, John
The Killing Curse, he hits the lawn
I never knew he lived like this

Voldemort's own, right next door
He'd watch the kids when we'd go to the store
He was out to kill us, that I'm sure

We've got to keep on moving tonight
We've got to keep up the fight
Or this is the beginning of the end

We left our village
We didn't know what was safe
Should we save our kids at Hogwarts?
Or would it be too late?

We couldn't trust our neighbors
So I began to make a way
No one was going to help us
No heroes to save the day

We could hear the screams of Muggles
Being tortured in the town
There was no way to disguise
The horror of that sound

We decided to go to Hogwarts
To grab our kids and run
We'll survive as long as we can
Until this second war is done

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