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Krum And The Mighty Ocean

This song is by Catchlove and appears on the album Where Do We Go From Here (2007).

And this owl
Is all that I've got
To make it work with you

Was crossing the seven seas
Praying you'd still be there for me
When your words crossed the ocean blue
I knew I was truly in love with you

Never wanted to come to your school
Being a Triwizard wasn't that cool
But when I met you by chance
I knew I'd have to ask you to the dance

And we danced, danced, danced all night

And I'd hate to make you choose
Between Ron Weasely and the one you'd lose
But know that nothing feels right
Without you by my side

Now I'm headed back to my land
With dreams of dancing with you to that band
And now this letter, I send to you
To let you know I miss you

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