Catch 22:Thinking About Things (I Think Too Much) Lyrics

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Thinking About Things (I Think Too Much)

This song is by Catch 22 and appears on the album Alone in a Crowd (2000).

I just said I love you to a girl I haven't seen since
December, I remember, she was close enough to me.
Now I'm growing up and throwing
'round some words to reassure,
that I'll always love her, because I loved her once before.
And I don't care cuz I'm backed into a corner, and lifen's
not fair, so I'm breakin' all the rules.
Day by day don't walk away.
you've got a good thing going on,
I tell myself it's like throw it all away
or stick around. Around away with it I
don't wanna stay with it. Pass it on. Be strong,
hold on, not long ago and every day is the same
thing, tomorrow is the same thing. I hold my head in my hand.

Everything that I do, everything that I say,
everything that I am, everything seems so wrong.
Am I dramatic or am I empathizing with myself?
If it's selfish, I don't want it, but I know it too damn
well to forget it. Forget it. I don't want it anymore,
and I just said I love you to a girl I loved before.