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The Feasta

This song is by Catch-It Kebabs and appears on the album Skankin' Sausages (2004).

We gotta plan, not world domination
I wanna skank without the real hatred
Time's on our side and I won't give up
We've found a useful medication,
Don't want a job, can't find an occupation
I know this time that I won't give up

Trying to reach an equality
(Targets are engaged)
Youth rebels against authority
(It's better off that way)
When I said that all I wanted was to
Take a chance and say
I believe in better days

Sit back and raise your glass
You'd rather stick it in my face
Their hatred is the key
The only person that I need is me
Can't take life with a smile
I feel my freedom's been defiled
I feel I've made mistakes there is no enemy

We're controlled for the means of economy
Are we willing to resist
We're controlled for the means of economy
Suppressing our will to exist
Find a way, make 'em pay, they can't change
Their crimes against humanity... resist
I still pray for better days, eradicate the
Way they are opressing me... resist
When they're no less than me... resist

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