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​Skankin' Sausages

This song is by Catch-It Kebabs and appears on the album Skankin' Sausages (2004).

Do the sausage!

Straight from the packet I'll be ready to fry
I don't need your sorrow, just turn me on my side
I hope you're not too choosy 'cause I'm British beef
And if you play me a song I'll be moving my feet
'Cause it's not too late for skanking
Well I'm sure ginna give it a try
But I'm not one for romancing
I'm gonna shoot it in your eye!

You know I've always loved my sausage meat
But I've never heard of a one that's so light on
His feet
What the hell did I take to see
A son of a skanking sausage dancing next to me
I won't stop, I won't quit, my bad mushroom habit
My pupils, dilated, I'm sexually frustrated

Every time I see this shit, I think I've had too much
To drink
See my sausage, skanking up, skanking up,
Skanking time now
There's no way to say, though I try, yeah I try
'Cause I know that one day you'll be here
Right by my side