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​Miss Chernobyl

This song is by Catch-It Kebabs and appears on the album Skankin' Sausages (2004).

Another year is over, a new one just begun
So many hopefuls only one crown to be won
But it's a hard job for this poor judge to decide
Fathers have some pity lock your ugly daughters inside

I always forget how I got this job
I must have been off my face
Hard to believe what's been going on
There not a nice girl in this place
I don't know which one to choose
But Chernobyl's gonna lose
I wish I could be kind and look at her
She's so ugly!

Now the heat is rising the verdict coming soon
Every freak you can imagine surrounds me in this room
It's not that she's unattractive, but I've just caught a glimpse
Over there stands miss Chernobyl she's got three extra limbs

And now we reach the end of our sad Chernobyl's tale
She tried the beauty contest, but in the end she so sadly failed
She's mad, so mad, too bad, and that's bad,
She gets mad, and that's bad, she gets mad, and that's bad!

And now she's laughing and she looks like the fool
Sprayed him with acid that she stole from school
He judged here once, but never again
And now his own good looks have come to an end