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Genetic Suicide

This song is by Catch-It Kebabs and appears on the album Skankin' Sausages (2004).

Take advice from someone you know
You're living a lie and the path that you chose
Been taking away his pets liberties
Never mind crabs when you've got bubic fleas
Been caught out again over petting his bitch
He thought cross-breeding would make him rich
Speed of a whippet, length of a man
And now you know he's gonna do everything he can

Take a piece of humanity
There's no perception of reality
All for the love, the love of a beast
Don't go outside, genetic suicide

Tame tender turkeys playing in the pen
I hope they don't know what's gonna happen
A midnight stuffing no basil or sage
This poor fool has come of age
A paperweight marriage torn from the roots
He brought foot and mouth in with his boots
And now he's lost his lover chewed to the bone
And there's no blueprints for his clone

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