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This song is by Catch-It Kebabs and appears on the album Skankin' Sausages (2004).

He gives a smile 'cause he knows you're waiting
And he can see that tear in your eye
He doesn't care about the way that you're feeling
He'd rather sit there and wank himself blind
You stick around even though you hate him
You give it a shot, yeah, I know that you tried
It's getting too late to start believing
He's nothing more than just a small fry

00 nothing he'll be your scapegoat
Well I guess he's just that kinda guy
00 nothing he'll be your scapegoat
Known as a dick he's just a small fry

He's left you now and your heart is breaking
He's left you now for the girl that you know
But it's a relief to see him leaving
Didn't take much for him to fuck off and go
I guess he's made the right decision
It's through our mistakes that we start to grow
It wouldn't have been so bad if did you something
Emotional scars are all you got to show

I'll never know, why you can't see
He's such a dick that's what bothering me
You look to him, you look to yourself
Don't you know he'll never change now
Don't you know, you're just as much the one
To blame
He'll never change, he's always bad for you


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