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Key To Cease

This song is by Catanic Panic.

I don't have to,
Nor need to believe,
That I am self actualized,
Or affirmed, as a human being,
Or that through the course, of conception,
That I am instilled, as self identified,
With a feeling of certitude,
That I am irrefutably,
A conceptual gift from God,
And I let go of this
As questionable, and just truth.
Now found, that I am but, a conjoined body,
Gathered by the Creator, in his imagination.
If I undefine each part of my anatomy,
Including my human senses,
And return them, to it's basic origin,
Into its original, atomic structure,
Where there too, in God's imagination, each unique part will have its own nature,
And with this leave the reality I learned, the reality that I believe,
And be terminally affected by God, because if in his
Imagination I originated, then, I am able bodied to return there,
And perceive his righteous temperament. Understanding beyond the truth, and
Prevail any heaven or hell, although realize reality being filled with
Disguise, and a lapse of hope, in the philosophical manifestations of
Awareness, enrichment, and experience.
I will maintain, that the identity and human attributes, I accepted
As significant, and valid to the divine scheme of things, is securely
Minimized, so I can exist as I was, there in his fractal pursuit of creation.

I intend to cure this sensibility of God, his little white lie,
And identify false perception, into conversion, and give back this
Environment, by un-defining every detail of human perceptions, of the world,
And emancipate all bounding knowledge of science and education about this Universe,
Back to its respective origin, and attain the key to cease

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