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Moosehair Underwear

This song is by Cat Rapes Dog and appears on the album Moosehair Underwear (1993) and on the single Moosewear (1993).

I was slugging some dudes when she caught my eyes
She was gorgeous enough, she was pure delight
We fell in love and then we married of course
I had my moosehair and felt no remorse
She took my panties off and saw an awful sight
My penis had lost all its former might

I just wanna wear my moosehair underwear

Now she is gone and with her all my friends
My underwear and the the garden fence
But right is right and fair must be fair
I would send her into deepest despair
I had some dying to do and was standing tall
I blew my head off and onto the wall
I thought she would be sorry, that little faggot
But no one came looking for me, except the maggots

"All gone, bye bye!"

I just wanna wear my moosehair underwear

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