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Godfearing Man

This song is by Cat Rapes Dog and appears on the album Moosehair Underwear (1993).

I wank while I drive, 'cause that's so cool
I was almost twelve when I finished my school
My mother's rich and my father's a bitch
What's right and what's wrong, I never could tell which
I'm a nusiance to the world, be it flat or round
I love my girl, that's why I slap her around

I'm an honest, hardworking, and Godfearing man
I have no trace of sense, but I do what I can

I'm a man of taste, I like Chopin
I'm the leading man of the K K Klan
I'm a family man to say the least
Though some might say I've got the Mark of the Beast
I've never left my land, but that's not so odd
There are too many foreigners if you go abroad

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