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Don't Wanna Work

This song is by Cat Rapes Dog and appears on the album Moosehair Underwear (1993).

To tell you the truth I'm so dammed tired
A life-long leave is what I require
Rules, regulations try to form us
But not me, I'm gonna be enormous
Just sleep and eat till the day I die
It won't take that long, it'll be easy as pie
When I'm dead I will be able and willing
To be of use as furniture filling
All work and no play
Makes my mind go astray

I don't wanna work, I don't wanna work
Don't wanna get my hands covered with dirt
I just wanna lie here in the sun
Playing with myself and bothering none

The way to succeed is the way to suck dicks
Swallow your pride like you swallow those pricks
It isn't just a matter of losing your face
Consider this, you might even get AIDS
All work and no play
Makes my mind go astray

Why should I waste my life on you
You'd use me up in a decade or two
A whole life of bending my back
Wearing me out like a battery pack

I don't wanna work, I don't wanna work
My head gets thick and I go berzerk
And I would be there in the sun
Getting drunk and hitting someone

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