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Demigod President

This song is by Cat Rapes Dog and appears on the album Moosehair Underwear (1993).

I've got a mind like a septic tank
Of a kind that fits my military rank
A hardcore man that thinks like a whore
I will probably be the next Senator

I've got a date with Ho Chi Minh
My dreams come true with amphetamine
Playing with Oppenheimer's deadly toy
Instead of muscles I've got metal alloy

From a heaven descend
Suicidal dissident
My power is omnipotent
Demigod, king, and president

I am the place where the sun doesn't shine
Covered it up behind a dollar sign

I spread my troops of unborn corn
In a warzone pot of boiling oil
Dressed up in an airforce outfit
Rebuilt my kitchen to a Messerschmitt

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