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Cannibal Hippies

This song is by Cat Rapes Dog and appears on the album Biodegradable (1995).

When it's dark, people change, you see
I stay indoors, 'cause they're after me
I don't wanna be a Turkish delight
For friends lurking in the night

I try to avoid
Being paranoid

I try to avoid being paranoid
But it's not easy when you're unemployed
And filled to the brim with alkaloids
So I gave up
Insanity ahoy!

Cannibal hippies, say a prayer
Cannibal hippies, they're everywhere
Cannibal hippies, sucking me dry
Gonna be, gonna be eaten alive

People tell me they do not exist
But I can see them, so I insist
In my mind or in reality
Doesn't make any difference to me

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