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The Sleepwalker

This song is by Cat Power and appears on the album Dear Sir (1995).

This song is a cover of "The Sleepwalker" by This Kind Of Punishment.
I can hear - voices in the water
Coming up like - smoke brings the wind
I have to take some time - to relocate that house of mine
I think I must of lost it in the river
They see things so different
To green eyes they give nothing away
Do you think now at last
You can tell me
No you won't - give it away
Crush snow on my face
Feels like burning
And the birds blackface singing in the tree
If I got myself a gun
Then I could shoot down every one
Maybe I've just invented some religion
I saw father dancing with his daughter
And the music singing softly on the breeze
I can't see an end - salvation anywhere
Think I'll wait here till the cows come down the river
Think I'll wait here till the cows come down the river
You've heard all this before
Already I know
A lost soul - I won't say anymore

Written by:

Chris Matthews

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