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You Don't Know Me

This song is by Casual Blue.

When I look back
On how it was supposed to be
A foolish game like this not for me
Or you
Or so the story goes something like this
Bearing down upon my back
Like a rolling stone
In a temple of doomed
To this sanity of distorted reality
Father, son, song and spirits
Dizzying around my head
Where has my halo gone?
Has something silly just begun?
Drink the ship out of the bottle
It must be stuck inside
There is some deeper purpose
A reason for this ride
With nectars dripping down my chin
The gods are on my side
Three sheets to the wind
And I'm doing fine
A little better than before
My mind is reeling
But I haven't even cast my wish
You don't know me very well
If you can't believe your eyes
You don't know me very well
I'm doing fine
Like a drop into the ocean
Too insignificant to recollect
Exactly where I am.

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