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She Sheds

This song is by Casual Blue.

She sheds her skin before my eyes
It hits the floor
I'm craving her allure
The smell of autumn fills the air
I breathe it in
And once more, and again
Can I please stay?
And hold her just the way she likes
Like the embrace of a child
Please begin, I feel her in my sights
She's always tough, but I can't refuse
'Cause she's so infectious, and she can't possibly lose
And it's gonna be rough when there is no end
But she's got the right stuff to make me whole again.
I read the cards all wrong again
I'm mistaken, I'm shakin, I need some saving
From this incident that I fell in
Please begin, I'm listening, I'm bitchin, but now I'm kissing
My work away, another wasteful day
I'm trapped in the fray
It's just the way I have her in my sights
I call out her name
It's done again the same way
It's just the way.

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