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Sadness So Well

This song is by Casual Blue.

And I have never seen someone
Capture sadness so well
Accident willing or intentional
And it's my business to put your
Troubles in the ground
Hide it cleverly, so it will never be found
So it goes the story of our lives
You got so good at pretending to be fine

They think that they have won
But I'll show them that we're far from done
And that's the secret to our lives
We gotta whittle the world 'round us down to size

I want to hold you in my arms
Shelter you from the harm
That's being hurled at you each and every day
But I am sure that this won't reach
Your head in the way
Its coming out of mine but I'll say it anyway
Just because you were dealt a bad hand of cards
It won't always have to be so hard

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