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Pour Down

This song is by Casual Blue.

Soaking in the rain
Calling out your name
Open my eyes
Darkness pulls me aside

Maybe destiny has said
That our love will never end

No matter how you let me down
Falling to the ground
I stay
I love you anyway

Whispers run through your hair
Gently falling down your face
Caress my eyes
Take my breath away

Wait for me
I would do the same
Before the tears go by
Dancing in the rain

Waiting there for you
On the outside looking in
Underneath the dying moon
The stars are brightly falling
Maybe the next time around
I'll see you around
Just let the rain pour down...

Tangled in your smile
Stand there just a while
Forget what happened all those times
Just be with me tonight

Take my hand
I'll lead you far away
We will feel no pain
Dancing in the rain

Let the rain pour down...

See the light running over your face...

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