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Girl Cast in Shadow

This song is by Casual Blue.

Something 'bout the way she looks today
Is telling me today
Is just like every other day before today
Will she land or will she pass my way?
Will it be her lucky day?
Will I see her, begging on the floor?
Another day of mass confusion
Can she ever find her way?
Her hand inside of mine
And I'm thinking that she
Better hurry up
Nothing ever lasts, her moment is now
That she finds out who she is
Left with her regrets, a shadow she cast
She pays too much attention to rewards
Never looking at herself
Realizing all the hurt she causes
Says he's just a friend, I bet
Falling deep inside your lies
Can't you say I'm sorry?
How come I can't escape that look
No matter how I cross that road
I'm standing at her doorway
And I'm thinking that she
She never knew who she really was
She never know what to say
Always trying to be adored
Like a dove without its wings to fly away
Girl cast in shadow, standing on a ledge

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