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This song is by Casual Blue.

Must have been the other day
Drivin' home was how I chose to keep away
I couldn't tell you how your words stung deep inside of me
What a fool I'd been, wishing I could stay
Cause you weren't
The image that I made you out to be
I'm better off without those looks you gave to me
I see what I've got to do in haunting clarity
Watching you looking back at me and knowing why I
Turn my back on what we had, even though I
Wish I could tell you how I feel, and why I'll never
Let you be the one that opens the gates that lock me in
Always ignoring what you say
Hoping that the hurt will always stay away
How is it that I think you'll never run?
While I toy with your emotions
Now why do I feel hurt by your tears?
It's only I that causes pain
I've gone in circles yet again.
As I wait by the door
For something more
A simple kiss for a simple man
A simple wish, but I ran
These words will never do
But I just wanted to say that I love you

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