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Can't Imagine

This song is by Casual Blue.

You left him standing on his own
You said it's meant to be
That he's got to see
That you're better off being set free
In this game for two
It's better him than you
It's been two weeks without a call
Without your voice, he hates your choice
That you took a chance on someone else
Now that you're doing fine
He's shutting off inside
He can't imagine himself without you
You're all that's on his mind
There anything else that boy can do?
Without your trace in his life
Without your kiss without your smile
Without the way you sigh
He can't imagine himself without you
He needs to love you.
The issues in him still remain
Covers up the pain
He won't be the one that ends up the hurt victim
The offenses left him in distress
He is such a mess
Cause you broke him maimed him
Now he's left helpless
Can't imagine.

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