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All Things Considered

This song is by Casual Blue.

Ain't it tough? But what's new?
You can't see when they're shouting at you.
You could cry. You could smile
Or you could just let it slide
I fell down
Passers-by extend their judgment on me.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just let this incident slide
Realize all the reasons
Are all in all meaningless
Don't deny that I'm fine
Yeah despite all the misery
You're still so dear to me
So that's why I let it by
This distrust
Of my love
Stirs up from all your expectations
Herein lies
Impossible desires
The shimmer I wear comes crashing down
Considering the day it's been
I give up hope that I may win
Until that is I'm greeted with half-hearted smiles
Reassuring feelings from laughing
Tides me by.

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