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Disorder To Keep (Part I)

This song is by Castrum and appears on the album Phenomenonsense (2006).

Abnormal tendency to develop the malady
Blossoms into the sweetest joyous melodies
Channeling the pleasure through pain
Dealing with fears, overlooked and slain

Embalmed senses, stabbed self-control
Followed by convulsions, jumping tall

Gorgeous nauseatic upcomings reveal
Hideous attitudes in rapture to feel

Ill-natured craving for a loss
Jewelry of an eye in hand to toss

Key to all conundrums lies unveiled
Left aside untouched and roughly nailed

Mental hunger of analytic built minds
No one tries own made mistakes to find
"Open the limits of clarity" ? let us say
Pussy but willing to exist, idol you pray

Quarrelling from radical left to right
Raging onto any countenance of might
Seductions of sickness and then healing
Turmoil is the brain through soul killing

Unreachable point of omnipotent knowledge
Vortex of emotions always kept but in storage

Witnesses to the court of envy
Xerox the redemption, shall we?
Yielding fiercely the dead in dismay
Zombies rise from the graves everyday...

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