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Dark Paths To The Ancient Thrones

This song is by Castrum and appears on the album Mysterious Yet Unwearied (2002).

Materialized in another dimension
Increasing the ancient cosmic power
The soul flies to reach the side
Of the ancient sleeping almightiness
Seen through the flying shadows
In the distance, hidden in darkness
The ancient towers rise
In black abyss of the ancient entity...

...The way to Dragonthrones...

And they rise before my eyes
The darkest visions come true
Ancient monuments of almightiness
Burning thrones of the Ancient Ones

I have seen them
Where Chaos roars
Deep in the roots of all dimensions
The sacred thrones of the Chaosgods

Awaiting for the millenniums
They stand here to return
And to rise the black crown of Chaos
Over the dying dimensions

Unleash your spiritual power
And Chaos will be opened for you
And through the dimensions you will see
The return of the true gods and kings
Who are sitting on the Ancient Thrones

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