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Remember When

This song is by Castledoor.

Remember when we left our homes, and moved to San Francisco.
We both had our hair dyed blonde, still listened to the radio.
You were Mr. Funny, and I was laughing loud.
The two of us got caught up in that cloud.

Remember when we left the bay, and drove to L.A.
We stopped and bought a rainbow flag, pretending we were gay.
We slept in every morning, stayed up the whole night long.
And then one day we started writing songs.

Remember when we made a CD, and flew to Tennessee.
That's when things got interesting, with a cussin', and a smoking a drag.
The world started looking different, our hearts were growing cold.
The girls we met just covered us in snow.

Remember when we cured our frown, and moved back to our home town.
Our girls were shopping wedding gowns, but the morning was running out.
We started talking funny, but this time I didn't laugh.
We never thought we'd see your bags packed.

Don't let this end, don't make me say Remember When. [x3]

For the love of music, for the love of all we've got, for the love of God, don't let this end.

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