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​Bells Aloud

This song is by Castanets and appears on the album First Light's Freeze (2005).

There is no sweetness to send
There is no trusting friend
To fail
There is no way to refend what we do
To ourselves
Me and you
Don't it get difficult

There is a sea collapsed
It's splitters surround
There is a worn trap of time and aren't we wrestless
There is the weather inside us in motion lightening
Over air over she
Don't it get dark outside

You better hold me
You better hold me only
Better hold me
But there's no way of knowing
There's no way to tell
And aren't we deep and dangerous wells

There is no true work to be done
There is no sure and simple fun
That we don't pay
We have not been given here and we cannot earn
We were not taught
One thing that we could learn

Outsounding bells are loud for the sake of something's ring
Out gathering and grabbing for the sake of giving things
And we could have taken any of these roads
But who knows
'Bout this one we chose?
And who knows, friend, how far it goes?

And you better hold me closely
Better know me truly
How this could pass right through me and back into that bleed
We better know just what we need

Written by:

Raymond Raposa