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This song is by Cast J.

I have scars, the deepest wounds
But they are all inside me.
All my life they've scratched and cried
Demanding to be set free.
Far within I'll keep them hid,
That is my deadly sin.
Kept in shadows from deceitful eyes
Till I find someone to confide in.

When I fell down to rest last night
I prayed I'd not awake.
Is nothing in this life for me,
Is nothing there at stake?
I dreamed a million dreams that night
And woke with peace in mind.
Those clouded dreams, they seemed to say
There's someone I must find.

Out there is another soul,
A soul who feels as me.
I'll use this life to find her
Where ever she may be.
And then my scars will all be shown,
No longer will they hide.
They'll be released and I will live
For then, I can confide.

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