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This song is by Cast and appears on the album All Change (1995).

I guess I'm all right, guess I'm all right.
I guess I'm doing fine, guess I'm doing fine,
D'you think I miss you? d'you think I care?
D'you think I'll lie here and die?
You never even tried, you never even tried.

Now it's about time, it's the right time,
If you willed your mind, you willed your mind,
To fly on swift now,
On your journey home,
And you've left the nest now, and you have flown,
And nothing you don't know, ain't nothing you don't know

Look out to sea, and tell me what we came here for,
Is it what they say or is it more than you can know,
And if so, which way am I to go, which way am I to go,
Which way am I to go?

I guess I'm all right guess I'm all right,
I guess I'm doing fine, guess I'm doing fine,
Can't see no reason,
And not much to do,
So make like the wind that's blowing you,
Ain't nothing you can't do, ain't nothing you can do,

Repeat and fade.

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