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This song is by Cast-Down and appears on the EP An Attempt To Make Moments Last (2001).

Our picket fences, our happy homes
From the towers of this fortress we're looking down
To where backs are breaking under heavy loads and sandy air disappears into thirsty throats
One penny a day slips through pocket holes
As blood and sweat put out the last sparkle of hope
If you could find the strength to stand up, wouldn't you run? If you heard stories of a better place, wouldn't you run away? So he ran away, thought he could save his family
And we put him away, we're so afraid
Because from a distance barbed wire is invisible
How could he have known that Eden wasn't hospitable
That means running again
And hiding out like roaming shadows
Haunted down
Broken and exhausted
Their endless journeys and broken homes
In the dungeon of this fortress a man dies alone