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​Rebellion Sets The Fashion (Welcome To The Mainstream)

This song is by Cast-Down and appears on the EP An Attempt To Make Moments Last (2001).

See us all march by like tin soldiers, shine
Under burning sunlight and toxic skies
How we try to blind each other with perfect smiles
Our faces show we don't believe in this anymore
I see no passion in your eyes
Silence gives consent
I can feel no motion in your moves
We exist as objects
We're being lived
We have lost faith
We're the tired
Counter-culture, now just a passing style
To keep the wheels turning
We're the tired
Living is not floating
It's swimming, it's rowing! And tonight will we sleep safe and sound in a silent town? In our cells with brick walls
Let's break this chain of events and create life as subjects
Take this back into our hands
Step out of history!