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Tin Man's Throne

This song is by Cassino.

Father Time fell ill tonight fight the war with the windows tight
And my tin throne's blown to kingdom come now I need you here here so I can move my bones
For all the horror
For all the stains
All over the walls
All over my brain
Father time fell ill tonight the firewater's burning all to bright
But she knows that and knows the path
The road I run have drilled a hole in the world
The television pains a tunneled picture
So pile on the bend as the walls grow thicker and carry on the end
Father time is shivering cold searching the hills for sex and gold I ran my body straight out of my soul
It hurt so bad
I sank into her and got lost in the weight of one
Father time took off tonight and left Mother Nature to grow and die
The rain machine's now raining fire but I sold all my water just to stay alive
And I am getting so so tired I am feeling so

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