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Tha Problem (Skit)

This song is by Cassidy and appears on the album Split Personality (2004).

(Bell rings, door opens)...

(Arab Man singing)...

Aye yo my man,
My man

(Arab Man)
1 second, 1 second,
Iss my part, iss my part of the
1 sec

Yo come on man,
I'm gunna late man,

(Arab Man)
Why you being disrespectful,
Why you come in my store,
You don't ring my bell,
((Cassidy:) Dog, dog, dog)
You don't wipe your feet on the carpet,
What the fuck,
Mine, see my rug, rub,

Fall back,
Fall back,
I need a chicken cheese steak man,

(Arab Man)
I don't have chicken any cheese what, ((Cassidy:) dog)
Number 1 five,
What the combo,
What do you want,
The special or the moovle,

I don't know what number it is man,
Chicken cheese steak man,
((Arab Man:) I have 1, 2, 3)
Chicken Cheese steak man,
Salt, pepper, ketchup, mayonaise,
And fried onions,
((Arab Man:) I don't have eggs, and and)
Throw some cheese fries in there
Too man,

(Arab: talkin' gibberish)
1 second

Throw some cheese fries in there too

Okay, 1 second

(Cassidy:) HURRY UP!

(Arab:) I'm done as quick as this

(Cassidy:) What the fuck is this?!

(Arab:) That's my special philly cheese steak for the for the man

(Cassidy:) dog this ain't no philly cheese steak man

(Arab:) this is for the hood, I make this for the hood

(Cassidy:) this ain't no philly cheese steak,
Dog you ain't even from Philly,

(Arab:) Where the fuck are you from, I'm from here,

(Cassidy:) Nigga I'm from philly nigga, where the fuck are you form?!

(Arab: (teasing))

(Cassidy:) Well I'm kell pipe nigga

(Arab:) Nigga I got pipes too, fuck

(Cassidy:) fuck is this shit?

(Arab:) I'm from philly so you don't like it then go home, that's where my steaks is from

(Cassidy:) what the fuck is wrong wit you man?!

(Arab:) next time, just take it easy, and ordee the combo!

(Cassidy:) man fuck you and ya combo

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