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Spittin' (Commin' @ Murda Mook & Cyssero)

This song is by Cassidy.

The block pop, so da strip fall.
Rocks got a fist full. Bull pop shit, dat hot shit I got a clip full.
When I start sparkin', it be barkin' like pitbulls.
Matta fact rotweilers when I let dem shots holla.
Chicks on my cock, I'm still on the block holla.
Cops on da block, they still gon' cop holla.
Ock I got sense, and dass why I got dollas.
I was told the rules, I'm old school, like my pop fatha.
I was showed da moves, schooled by the olda dudes.
How to show and prove, so I move like a soldier move.
Real militant, I'm ill still killin' it.
I'm real. Guys dass paralyzed and still feelin' it.
Yeah I'm still on my feet and my toes.
Gettin' higher den da President, you sweeta den doze.
Gettin' higher den the nose bleed seats at my shows.
Fuck a maybach, I play da back seats of da rolls.
Fuck a GT, I pull up in the CLS.
The guts soft like muh female breats.
Is it a V12? Yes.
I cop da un-copable nigga, you can't stop the un-stopable nigga, I pop a shot through you niggaz.
And I was like a pop to you niggaz. I gave you a flow. Adopted you niggaz. I did a lot fo' you niggaz.
And this da fuckin' thanks I get?
You my son, you should thank my dick.
You take my shit, flip it around, and now you think you sick?
I guess you think you Cass, but I think you trash.
And I'll spank dat ass. You ain't fuckin' with me.
You wouldn't even rap like dat if it wasn't fer me.
Wow! I been had my weight up.
How you gon' battle me with a style dat I made up?
Wow! When I'm home, it's envy.
I feelin' like the boy Pac, when he was on da phone with Biggy.
Wow! What the fuck is goin' on out hea'?
What the fuck is niggaz doin' out hea'?
Niggaz drawn out hea'. Ya block hot? I put a jawn out thea'.
My block hot, this shit warm out hea'.
So we goin' out thea'. Set up shop and get it on out thea'.
I'm on point like a thorn out hea'. Come to Philly, I'm a don out hea'.
Yeah youh know I'm a boss dawg. Nah, this ain't IZOD, it's Lacoste dawg.
I floss dawg and I stay with my jewels on.
You prolly wouldn't see dis much ice in a hail storm.
It's nuttin to flash, but fuckin' with Cas will get you bucked or buck and a half.
Cause' it's only a hand full of rappers dass touchin' da cash.
And most of dem are getting' fucked in they ass.
There's snakes up in the grass, but Cass gon' blast when da beef is on.
I walk with the shells, and I ain't got no Adidas on.
And I squeezed da jawn, even if da law watchin'.
I'm too hard. Da rap version of Bernard Hopkins. Nigga

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