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Made You Look Freestyle

This song is by Cassidy.

Locked for 2 long, been hot for to long,
Watch you won't be on the top for to long,
Oc, stop tryin' be pac when you do songs,
I shot gunz you gotta pop wit 2 arms,
Ma cock 2 long, ma shot to visious,
I'm in a h2 gettin' top from to bitches,
Let do business, I gettin' pies in,
And I been had it crackin' like dry skin,
We pretend, I live what I sing about,
I bought I crib and I ain't even got a single out,
And they already got a best of cassidy,
And none of y'all niggaz can mess wit cassidy,
U wont shine if you mess wit cassidy,
U jus ain't got enough mind compasidity,
I ain't a game, I ain't a joke and
I got change I ain't broke and
I ain't sweet neither, I got beat heaters,
And I keep divas, meat beaters,
The fever, lift your sole like cheap sneakers,
And I hit cats wit the ax and meat cleavers,
And I have ya ass stashed in the deep freezer,
And the squad that I ride wit is heat squeezers,
On some get cake shit, my album a problem this jus my mixtape shit (bitch)

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