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It Is What It Is

This song is by Cassidy and appears on the album It Is What It Is (2007).

Night niggaz need 2 get they mind rite
2 get signed niggaz probably take they mom life
Things people do just 2 get in the rhyme life
But they each your zone
It is what it is
Man understand this
Their is a big difference between advantage and avanquish
The alogo and the mercialago
I ain't gotta lie yo
It is what it is
If you see me wit some niggaz they all grimy
I put time in time diamonds all shiny
Paid a 100 grand for a chain that cost 90
And let them keep the change
It is what it is
And every song niggaz doin' the work
Talkin' about a million niggaz that they willin' 2 murk
But how many niggaz you gon kill in a verse
U gotta convince me dog
It is what it is
My squad luv me 'cause I don't ride dick
U gotta keep it real wit the niggaz you ride wit
Ladies luv me 'cause I'm cool as todd smith
So hide yo chick
It is what it is
If u a skinny woman than that's thorough
But if uz a big woman I got ur back girl
Fuck all them niggaz that consider you fat girl
U ain't gotta lose weight
It is what it is
All I'm makin' is more hits
But I was drunk wen I came in2 the booth 2 record this
Swizz sed cass you gotta think of the chorus
But I don't need no hook
It is what it is
My worse verse hot as ur best rhyme
Damn I can't think of the next line
But fuck it ill remember it next time
'Cause I'm compressed for time
It is what it is
These fake niggaz would strait front
I did 2 county bids but ain't been upstate once
For a murder charge I only did 8 months
My lawyer the truth
It is what it is
U ain't gotta like it but you gotta respect it
Theirs things in the past that you upset wit
But I woundnt change nuttin I don't regret shit
We all make mistakes
It is what it is
Cause government don't do shit for u
But send you to war man they tryin' to destroy u
The president tryin' 2 get to all u
He worse than sadam
It is what it is
They should put my picture next 2 the definition of hip hop
But I'm not getting no recognition from dick jocks
Even sum of the best ammiting that my shit hot
Beside nas I'm the best that did it next 2 big ah
Niggaz ain't want it pun he did it big
Pac was 1 of the best so give that kid props
Rakim & g-rap them niggaz all that
If you ain't ll or that nigga jigga den fall back
I'm true 2 dis I ain't new 2 dis I do this shit
If you ain't snoop kiss or ludacris
Den you get dissed
Dis cass I don't care if you niggaz mad
If you ain't my nigga fab I'll get in dat ass
U ain't x or sp don't test me
If you ain't nelly or joe crack
U no latch
U ain't nore or sheech louch
Ur weak dude
If he ain't busta or b-mack
Den he wack
If he ain't wayne or flip dog
They shit soft
Shane eve lil kim
They chick soft
I been fuckin' wit jd since kriss kross
Except me, chris tip and rick ross
Any nigga outass,
Wit juve and outkast
Wit dipset and bone thugs
Get shown luv
A lotta niggaz talk greasy in dey rhymez
But if you ain't jeezy or reakon
Den stay calm
Caus the role niggaz playin' iz fake
If you ain't game or kanye den start playin' the safe
Any thing I say now ill say in ur face
So that's that
Stay in ur place
It is what it is

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