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Exclusive Freestyle

This song is by Cassidy.

Man cass back
And you ain't gotta ask where my cash at
'Cause I been holdin' weight
For so long I gotta bad back
I done alot
Run to the block give me flachbacks
Money ain't a thing if you broke you get laughed at
I'm boutta bring the thing thing and the mask back
Run up on you take ya bling bling... let me have that
I ain't comfortable holdin' bundles in my asscrack
I'm past that... 20 stacks on my last rack
That's anotha reason why I gotta bad back
I even hit a chick that's ugly if her ass fat
I smash cats... I be eatin niggas up
But fuck a battle ima start beatin' niggas up
I'm the punchline champion
You got rhymes but I heard 'em all before
Like sunshine anderson
You niggas bitches
If I put you on my hitlist
You'll walk around rockin' football equipment
And if I don't blow... fuck it
I got ounces of drow that go for 4hundred!
When the coup come in
I'm on the block all night
Wit rocks of the white the size of monopoly dice
If ya watch nice... the cannon to your ribs
I make you strip naked like deangilo did
'Cause I hadle more bread then you, get more head then you
'Cause I do shit you scared to do...

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